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Holidays around the world

Information and photos provided by Buffalo Ridge Elementary

The Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) kindergarten classes of Andrea Gale, Anne Estrada and Sherri Rumminger studied the different ways that other countries and various cultures celebrate the holidays. They did more in-depth studies on India, Mexico, Canada and Sweden.

The kids wore wreaths with candles on their heads to represent the Swedish celebration of St. Lucia Day on December 13. They had such a great time performing songs for their parents in their showcase and then again for the entire school in a special holiday assembly led by BRE music instructor, Cathy Denault. They sang “Hanukkah is Here,” “Oh Kwanzaa” and “Jingle Bells” along with fun dancing and movements particular to each song, that the kids came up with themselves.

After the performance, each student was able to take their family members back to their classes to show off all of their work from the past weeks leading up to the showcase.

“We are so proud of this group of kindies; all that they have learned this year about cultures outside of their own, and the hard work they put in to making such an entertaining presentation!” stated parent Terrisa Henderson.



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