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iGrow promises the most abundant garden ever

iGrow’s solar panel converts the sun’s energy into negative ions that help plants absorb minerals from the soil more effectively.

by Lisa Nicklanovich; photo courtesy of iGrow

Gretta Hawkins of Castle Pines is carrying out a vision she and her late husband Victor had of bringing innovative, green technologies to revolutionize the home gardening market. iGrow, the result of their side-by-side collaboration, along with partner John Hayes, is an exciting new product that claims to dramatically increase plant growth and fruit yield of virtually any plant that has a green leaf.

iGrow, a small, energy efficient, solar powered pod that hangs above your plant or garden, generates negative ions that slightly charge the plant and allow it to more easily absorb the positively charged nutrients in the soil, increasing growth. iGrow maximizes photosynthesis while discouraging insects and disease. It can be used outdoors or indoors and it’s completely safe to use near children and pets.

Hawkins emphasized how important helping others was to Victor, and that from the beginning, their shared vision included iGrow Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission, according to Victor, was “to collaborate with humanitarian organizations to make this breakthrough technology available in the fight against world hunger and malnutrition.” Hawkins is sharing iGrow with inner-city schools in Denver and plans to take iGrow worldwide, possibly starting with Uganda.

Go to for more information about how iGrow works and the extensive research that backs up the product. iGrow may be ordered online and it may be available in gardening and home improvement stores soon.



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