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Incorporation Expenses Review Committee

Submitted by CPN Master Association President, Earl Millspaugh

During the January Master Association (MA) meeting, it was decided that several committees comprised of delegates and a Board liaison would be formed to address some issues facing the MA. One of these committees was to address the issue of collecting the funds expended by the MA during the incorporation election, the city official’s elections, and support of the early operation of the City.

At the February MA Board meeting this committee comprised of CPN residents Barb Saenger (Pine Ridge HOA), Suki Fitzgerald (the Hamlet HOA), David Necker (South Lynx HOA), Cheryl McDade (Hidden Pointe HOA) and Earl Millspaugh (MA Board Liaison) was established.

The MA has submitted an invoice for approximately $206,500 to the City requesting payment. The City is required by statute to pay certain of these funds and must decide whether to fund the remainder. Included was $20,000 advanced to the City for early operation. These funds have been repaid. Expenses currently agreed upon as related to the City official’s election were included and have been paid to the MA by the City (approximately $800).

The committee met on March 8 to discuss a plan for presenting our case regarding the remainder of the funds. The committee is currently working with the City to establish a mutually agreeable time to discuss documentation required and payment of the remaining funds (approximately $185,000).



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