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Innovative interior designer wins Best of Houzz 2017 award

Rita Coltrane

By Patte Smith, photos provided by Rita Coltrane and Orchestrated Light Photography

Talent pours out of Rita Coltrane, an award-winning interior designer and an original homeowner in the Hidden Pointe neighborhood.  Recently winning a Best of Houzz 2017 award for a unique and distinctive design, she humbly says that it was “completely unexpected.”

“We are a small design firm,” says Coltrane, “so realizing that our team has great customer reviews and that the broader Houzz community noticed our design work is amazing.  It definitely puts a smile on my face.  This was a team effort, and I am very thankful to my team and my great industry partners.”  

Coltrane’s prizewinning design of a 22-foot long showcase for a customer’s extraordinary tequila collection features a creative use of space and rich, masculine materials.  “After interviewing my client about his lifestyle, hobbies, collections, and his goals, I designed the showcase to fit his style and everyday life.  We used reclaimed beams, Colorado beetle kill, Wyoming rusted corrugated metal, Denver hand-forged iron, and artisan hand-poured and stained concrete for the countertop.”

Warm and masculine tones enhance the 22-foot long tequila collection
showcase designed by Rita Coltrane and her team.  Featuring a unique use
of wall space and a distinctive reclaimed wood design, her Signature
Interiors design firm was recognized as a Best of Houzz 2017 award

Coltrane has been an interior designer since 2001.  She started doing projects with a friend and business partner, and later it evolved into her own firm, Signature Interiors.  Born and “grazed” (as she puts it) on the North Platte River outside of Casper, Wyoming, Coltrane noted that she always had a creative streak, and she attributes some of her creativity to her mom and sister who were in 4H Club.  “I was surrounded by resourcefulness at an early age and that aspect of my design capabilities were honed by learning to listen well and problem solve.”

An avid bicyclist, she rides the many hills throughout the Castle Pines area and is a member of a bike team, “The RawHinies,” who ride to raise funds for multiple sclerosis.  She has served as a Hidden Pointe representative to the Master Association and a board member of the Hidden Pointe Water District.  “My kids went to the neighboring schools and are now grown, but we all still enjoy the local activities like movies and concerts in the park.  I’m happy to see more events in Castle Pines and one of my new favorites is the Food Truck Frenzy in the fall  ̶  I’m a foodie, and love the outdoors  ̶  a great combination.”

Two very gratifying things for Coltrane are the community of Castle Pines and owning a small, personal service design firm.  “I have made long-time friendships with my customers, my neighbors and many of the residents throughout our community.  And a fun little story,” she smiled, “when I locked my keys in my car one time, I just hung out at the front of the grocery store until someone I knew came out.  They gave me a ride home for my keys – small world and great community!”



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