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Leadership Douglas County law enforcement day a blast

by Patte Smith, photos by Carla Kenny

Chairs were flying, men running and screaming, and out came the tasers as a “prisoner” went berserk at the Douglas County jail. “I had the living daylights scared right out of me!” said a wide-eyed Carla Kenny. “Even though this was a reenactment of what it’s like when the SORT team (Special Operations Response Team) is called in at the jail, it hit home that law enforcement can be dangerous and frightening.” Kenny notes that the jail is like its own city. The cells surround a common area and, depending on an inmates behavior, time can be spent there. Visiting is done remotely through video conferencing; there is no more face-to-face visitation.

Law enforcement day for the Leadership Douglas County (LDC) team was an active and exciting experience. “Each leadership day our group attends gets better and better and law enforcement day was no exception,” smiled Kenny. The LDC members saw first-hand what is involved in protecting and serving the Douglas County community. They toured the emergency operations area, dispatch, the newly-renovated morgue and crime lab, and the jail. “The crime lab personnel showed us how they isolate a blood stain on a piece of fabric – “CSI Douglas County” is ready for prime time!

Some of the LDC members were transported by the jail bus to the police training facility in Highlands Ranch. There, the K-9 police officers and their “partners” demonstrated the dogs’ prowess at searching, apprehending, and protecting by using verbal and non-verbal commands. The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, consisting of officers from Douglas County, Parker and Lone Tree, gave a demonstration of a criminal situation. “We learned what special tactics are used in this type of circumstance. The SWAT team was involved in a hostage situation out east about a month ago,” said Kenny.

“That day was the first time I ever held a gun – we all got to target shoot. I was pretty good at it!” Kenny laughs. The LDC members shot a Remington 879 12-gauge rifle, a Glock 22 forty caliber hand gun, and an AR15 semi-automatic assault rifle. “It was exciting and a bit scary,” admitted Kenny. “My hands were shaking, but it was a great experience.”

“I have barely touched on everything they do. We are so lucky to live in Douglas County,” Kenny stated emphatically. “Our law enforcement division is incredible and I know that all the LDC members agree. We all have a new respect and appreciation for law enforcement.”

The Leadership Douglas County members toured the newly-renovated county morgue and also had a peek at the crime lab.

Although Kenny’s hands and knees were shaking at the law enforcement training facility in Highlands Ranch, her peers cheered when she won a contest for shooting.



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