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Learn to create graphics like a professional using Canva

By Michelle Post

Allow me to take you back into your memories, and I want you to think of the most beautiful place you have been.  As you find your image, I want you to close your eyes and listen to the sounds, smell the aromas in the air, and feel the emotions as you concentrated on that special memory.  Do you see it?  That is the power of images or in social media, visual communication.  Visual communications use visual aids to convey ideas, share information, and most importantly tell a story.

How do you create efffective visual aids?  Try using an online graphics design software like  This tool is fantastic.  It can make a designer out of anyone.  It is packed with templates to help you create social media posts, social media covers, marketing flyers, infographics, resumes, presentations and so much more.  The only limitation to the tool is the imagination of the user.  Moreover, the coolest part of this tool, it is free!

Why is Canva relevant to your business?  Here are the top three reasons starting at number three: (3) You do not have to be a design expert to create stunning graphics; (2) With 65 percent of the population being visual learners, it is important to tell the story of your business in graphics; and (1) “A new study from Clutch finds that visual content is believed to have the best performance on social media . . .” (MarketingCharts, 2016).

Learning to use Canva does not require years of design experience; instead, it all begins with your willingness to create a free account and let the learning begin.  However, Canva does provide a free design school ( to help the timid designer to become a promising Leonardo da Vinci. also offers tutorials (  When running a business, there may not be time to order that perfect flyer, event image for Facebook or Instagram, but with, there is now.  



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