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Letter to the editor: Wildcat Lore

By Lynne Marsala Basche

We received a letter (above) to the editor regarding the November 2017 Lore article “Surrey Ridge: The rest of the story” and are publishing it to share with our readers.

The Castle Pines Connection’s “Wildcat Lore” series began in September 2016, and the segment has become increasingly popular with readers. Each month, writer Joe Gschwendtner takes readers on a journey about local settlers, explorers and colorful characters who traversed Douglas County with captivating and sometimes surprising accounts.

The challenge with history, of course, is that it is often difficult to track down information. For the Lore series, Gschwendtner researches stories by speaking with local historians, visiting the Douglas County Library History Research Center, reading books and contacting homes associations. Despite the diligence required to write articles like the Lore series, it is tricky when reputations are involved and the main characters are no longer living. As is often the case, no two people see an event the same way, and sometimes it is left open to interpretation, especially when family and friends are involved.

As with every story The Connection publishes, we strive to be factually correct and editorially unbiased. We welcome input from our readers and, when appropriate, take care to share both sides of the story. Our goal is to celebrate the people and events in the greater 80108 community, and as part of this endeavor, we appreciate feedback. Contact to share your thoughts or visit and type “mink” into the search function to add your comments on the story blog.



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