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Like kids in a candy store, literally

Hammond’s Candies was host to more than 80 BRE third graders on December 1 as part of their financial literacy unit.

Article and photos by Kathy Fallert

December was a lot of fun for more than 80 Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) third graders who got to go on a field trip as part of their little business owners unit.  The focus was on financial literacy as the kids hit Red Robin for lunch followed by a candy factory tour at Hammond’s Candies in Denver.

The free tour showed how Hammond’s has made candy since the 1920s; in small batches, hand-pulled, and hand twisted.  Hammond’s makes homemade candy canes, ribbon candy, lollipops, and chocolates to name a few.  The students also watched a video on the history of Hammond’s and got to shop in their candy store following the tour.

New to BRE this year, third grade teacher Alexandria Cerenzio commented, “I was very impressed with how much the students took away from this field trip.  They learned from two very successful businesses and used their critical thinking skills to determine if they would operate their business differently.  They also analyzed the cause and effect of offering free tours versus charging for tours. It was a great experience!”

The focus was on financial literacy, which correlated great with BRE’s little business owners unit …. the sweet taste of learning!

The fun started at Red Robin where the students enjoyed a boisterous lunch with teachers and chaperones.

The tour showed the students up close how hand-crafted candies are created and formed.



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