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Long-time hobby turned business venture

Castle Pines resident Blake Wilson has launched his new company, Colorado Gold Label Beer LLC, and his product is available at many locations within Castle Pines.

By Kathy Fallert; photo courtesy of Blake Wilson

Have you ever had a collection? Castle Pines resident since 2005, Blake Wilson has been collecting beer cans for the past 36 years. In 2015, he registered his company Colorado Gold Label Beer LLC with the idea to trademark some of his favorite vintage Colorado beer labels from the 1970s and brew beer to go with the labels.

“Life sometimes keeps us from chasing our dreams, and that is exactly what happened to me the last few years,” said Wilson. Several months ago, Wilson made some changes and began focusing his time and energy on his beer business. Now he isn’t just collecting beer cans, he has trademarked and is brewing and canning the vintage Colorado beer labels he once collected and dreamed of sharing with others.

The beer is being brewed and canned at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland. Wilson remarked, “Bringing back vintage Colorado labels is fun! I love the artwork on the beer cans. I’ve been blessed with a unique creative passion that combines sales and marketing with design and art, adding a relentless work ethic born out of many weekends spent on my family’s 153-year-old farm in Lincoln, Illinois.”

With a long history of business ventures under his belt, including owning bagel shops, a tree farm and a spinal implant and biologics company, Wilson turned his passion for his beer can collection into a real product that is available in coolers or on tap at nearly every Castle Pines restaurant and liquor store – and is soon to be available throughout Colorado.

Wilson stated, “This beer project has been my most rewarding life project. Hundreds of hours have been put into planning and implementing my beer brands, all under the company name of Colorado Gold Label Beer LLC. I tried to stay true to the original vintage beer labels. With the Colorado Gold Label Beer can, I reviewed over 20 variations with my graphic designer in Longmont to get the can design to represent the vintage label as accurately as possible and comply with all the new rules and regulations required on all craft beer cans.”

Wilson has committed to Grimm Brothers Brewhouse to brew a new 30-barrel batch of his Colorado Pilsner every two months for the next year. The first label canned at Grimm Brothers was the Colorado Gold Label Beer in July. Over the next two months, Wilson will be introducing additional vintage Colorado beer labels into the Castle Pines market, which are Ski Country Premium Beer, Silver Peak, Aspen Gold, Denver Beer, Alpine, Ruser and Snowcrest Beer.

Wilson concluded, “I have never had more fun creating a company and product that my neighbors and friends can enjoy along with me.”



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