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Lucky Charm

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Carol Kline

Carol Kline (back left) with daughters Makenzie (right), and Taylor (front) and Lucky, their “sweet old lady.”

Lucky’s lucky charm is her collar tag that is engraved with her name. Castle Pines resident Carol Kline gave Lucky the name to represent the good luck they both experienced when the dog became part of the Kline family.

Barely a pup, Lucky was living with a neighbor of Kline’s, but her neighbor already had one dog and a new puppy named Glacier and unfortunately couldn’t keep Lucky. In 2009, Kline and her two daughters Taylor and Makenzie welcomed Lucky into their home. From that moment, the Klines felt just as lucky to have her by their side.

Lucky is now 13 years old with a bark that may surprise those she greets. Her face and ears are those of a golden retriever, her purple tongue and fluffy orange fur are traits of a chow chow, and the black saddle across her back is an attribute of a German shepherd.

Lucky, Lucks or Luckster has the appeal of a teddy bear as well as a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to her family. All are common traits of the three breeds in her bloodline, in addition to being excellent walking companions and tolerant of cold temperatures. True to her bloodline, Lucky loves her long neighborhood walks and hours of snow play.

Lacy, the Klines’ 13-year-old Himalayan cat, and Lucky have been glued at the hip since the time they both were rescued by the Kline family.

Although chow chows and German shepherds can have a reputation for not socializing well with other pets, when introduced early with other cats and dogs they can get along. Lucky’s charm struck again at a dog park where she reconnected with Glacier, the puppy she first lived with several years prior. Although the Klines’ neighbors couldn’t keep Lucky, the two dogs shared a special bond. It wasn’t uncommon for Glacier to run to the Kline house for a visit and even better, Lucky would sometimes stay with Glacier when travel called the Klines away from home.

All three breeds like to feel physically close to their owners and love nothing more than spending time with their humans, which makes Lucky the Klines’ “sweet old lady.” As she has aged, Lucky has become docile and calm and can be found every workday morning next to Kline in her home office.

Lucky is a fun, active dog that enjoys all outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming in any lake or river, and playing at the dog park. Mostly she loves her family cuddle time, and the Klines love their lucky charm.




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