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Making New Year’s resolutions work

Schaefer works out with Mayerle Neher at Village Fitness. Neher, a 10-year resident of Castle Pines, is working to make physical changes in her life.

Submitted by Stuart Schaefer – Personal Trainer

New Year’s has come and gone, and so have many of the resolutions that we made. Whether it’s losing weight, improving finances, or a better marriage, many of us lose our enthusiasm after just a couple of weeks and give up all together within a month.

The problem is that our goals are just goals without any reasons behind them. In other words, many of us don’t know why we’re setting the goals. We don’t have a reason that’s close to our heart, and when we experience a little resistance, we give up the goal. Nevertheless, there is a way to combat this cycle.

When setting resolutions or goals this year, it’s crucial to reflect on your purpose in life. Why are you here? This isn’t easy; it requires a lot of thought; yet it’s vitally important. Once you know why you’re on this planet, you can create goals in alignment with your integrity. Then, you can game plan day-to-day activities that bring you closer to that purpose.

A couple questions to help with this process include, “If I could do anything in life and not fail, what would I do?” and, “If I had just one day left to live, and I could do anything I put down on a list – but only what I put down on a list …what would be on that list?”

Unfortunately, most people won’t do this. If you want to create change in your life and make this year different, take the time to explore your purpose and game plan your life. You’ll achieve your deepest desires.



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