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Marijuana Amendment 64

Information provided by the City of Castle Pines “News & Notes”

Amendment 64 to the Colorado Constitution established an October 1 deadline for local governments to regulate or prohibit the commercial cultivation and sale of marijuana.

The retail sale and cultivation regulations of Amendment 64 are enacted in part through zoning and land use restrictions. At city council’s direction, the city attorney drafted legislation prohibiting the retail sale and commercial cultivation of marijuana within the city limits of Castle Pines. This proposed ordinance first went to the city planning commission in April, and the planning commission will then refer its proposed ordinance recommendation to city council.

Council’s timing to enact a prohibition on the retail sale and distribution of marijuana hinged on two important dates: (1) the February 28 deadline for the State Implementation Task Force to report its recommendations to the governor and general assembly and (2) the October 1 deadline for local jurisdictions to implement regulations concerning commercial operations.

City council is proceeding with local regulation based on the recommendations of the State Task Force report and addressing as many of the negative consequences of Amendment 64 as possible.

Council will have two separate opportunities to hear public comment on the proposed ban on retail sale and distribution of marijuana on May 14 and June 11 – well before the October 1 deadline.

Join the city council meetings at 6 p.m. at the Castle Pines community center. Additional information and meeting notices will be posted at



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