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Medved decides "lights out" on controversial LED sign

By Elizabeth Wood-West

In his August 21 letter addressed to the Town of Castle Rock council members, John Medved formally withdrew his application to install a large LED sign at his Medved Autoplex dealership located near I-25 and Plum Creek Parkway in Castle Rock.

The overall size of the sign would have been 760 square feet, with 500 square foot LED panels on each side, and would have been illuminated from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Medved explained, “As you are aware, the proposed installation of the LED sign has caused a fair amount of debate amongst residents and business owners in Castle Rock. I am sensitive to the concerns that many residents and business owners have expressed in opposition to the LED sign. As a long-time and dedicated business owner in Castle Rock, I am committed to serving the best interests of the community. I have a great deal of appreciation for the past, present, and future customers of the Medved dealership, and I simply cannot and will not install the LED sign over their objections.”

Medved’s LED sign application had received final approval from the Town in July. However, following the Town’s approval, Castle Rock residents circulated an approved referendum petition in opposition to the LED sign and submitted it to the Town Clerk for verification of the petition signatures. If the signatures are verified by the Town Clerk, the petition will ask Castle Rock voters to decide the fate of the LED sign this fall.

Medved will still have the ability to install an LED sign, though much smaller. Town Project Manager Jason Reynolds said, “The Town’s sign code allows LED signs. Medved could convert existing signs to LED signs or they could construct a 100 square foot LED joint identification sign on the property. Those types of signs are allowed by code and would not require action by Town Council. We haven’t received any applications for LED signs on the property.”

For further information, contact Jason Reynolds at 720-733-3537 or e-mail



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