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Medved LED sign approved

By Elizabeth Wood West

After a lengthy and controversial final public meeting, Town of Castle Rock council members voted four to three to approve an ordinance that will allow Medved Autoplex (Medved) to amend its Planned Development zoning regulations in order to build a large LED sign.

Current regulations allow for a sign of up to 20 feet tall and 100 square feet of LED panels. Council members Jennifer Green, Clark Hammelman, and Renee Valentine voted against the ordinance, citing strong objections from their constituents. Medved submitted petitions in favor of the ordinance that had been signed by local business owners and others. The ordinance stated in part that the proposed amendments were consistent with the Town’s Vision 2020 and Comprehensive Master Plan.

Medved’s new LED sign will be 45 feet tall and approximately 760 square feet in size, with 500 square foot LED panels on each side, and will be visible to both northbound and southbound I-25 traffic. Medved is located at 1404 S. Wilcox Street, south of Plum Creek Parkway and adjacent to I-25, in Castle Rock.

Medved plans to construct the LED sign as soon as possible and will run sales promotions and local community events on the sign, which will be illuminated from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. For further information, contact Jason Reynolds at 720-733-3537 or e-mail



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