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Metro District to Mail IWRP Brochure to CPN Residents

By Lane Roberts

Watch the mailbox during the next few weeks for a brochure from the Metro District entitled “Replenishing Our Water Supply.” The brochure explains the results of the Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP).

For the past year, the Metro District has been working with Camp, Dresser and McKee (CDM) to develop a plan to transition Castle Pines North (CPN) from non-renewable ground water to a long-term sustainable renewable water supply.

The brochure explains each step of the IWRP and also includes a section entitled, “The Bottom Line,” which details future costs needed to make the transition from groundwater to a reliable water source for CPN.

For additional information about the IWRP or the District’s plans, please call 303-688-8550 or e-mail



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