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Middle schooler brings attention to poverty

Castle Pines Village resident Sara Black created an advertisement to raise awareness for poverty as part of her social studies curriculum at Rocky Heights Middle School.

Article and photo by Kathy Fallert

Castle Pines Village resident Sara Black was asked to do a project on a global problem and possible solutions as part of her social studies class at Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS).  After researching issues like hunger, thirst, poor heath, lack of supplies, lack of education and lack of sanitation in the world, Black chose poverty as her global problem.

“The amount of poverty in the world startles me and makes me feel like I want to make a change,” said Black.  “I found many viable solutions to poverty including donating to charities that exist and creating new ones.  In the end, I started noticing that these things wouldn’t be enough if nobody knew about poverty.”

Twelve-year-old Black will be going into seventh grade this fall at RHMS with a 4.0 grade point average.  Black is an avid reader and loves arts and crafts.  Cooking is quickly becoming her favorite hobby, and she has quite a knack for it.

Black started spreading the word of her poverty advertisement by hanging posters around her school.  “I still felt it wasn’t enough, and I needed to spread the word to my community not just my school.  We can make a difference by choosing to.  This project was the evidence that I tried to change the world.”



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