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Mile-high access to first class at 40,000 feet

This elegantly-appointed and spacious private executive lounge is available for relaxing before and after flights and is stocked with beverages and snacks. It is part of the 5,100 square-foot facility which includes Jet Linx corporate offices, located at Centennial Airport, 8001 S. Interport Blvd, Suite 140 in Englewood.

By Joe Gschwendtner; photos courtesy of Jet Linx

Chartering a private jet was once reserved for senior corporate executives and the ultra-wealthy, and “fractional jet ownership” has been the answer for the past several decades (partial jet ownership much like a timeshare). The winds are changing and a broader business model has gained altitude, making jet travel more accessible and more affordable to business and personal travelers alike. Centennial Airport is a quick 10-minute drive from Castle Pines and is a base for one such jet membership and aircraft management company – Jet Linx.

First class travel in a private jet means red carpet service. Step back to a time when air travel was an anticipated luxury and not a dreaded means to an end destination. No waiting in security lines at DIA or booking two months in advance to secure a window or an aisle seat; flight arrangements can be made in as few as 48 hours, and every seat puts passengers on both window and aisle. End nickel-and-diming for luggage, seat upgrades, drinks and snacks, or pillows and blankets. All are included and special requests can be accommodated. Enjoy the executive lounge before flight or simply drive right on the tarmac within five minutes of scheduled takeoff. Your car will be washed and garaged until your return. Travel for business or with family for pleasure, and pets are welcome too.

Jet Linx offers two unique Jet Card programs, providing access to private jets for up to ten passengers (depending upon model) with guaranteed availability, guaranteed hourly rates, and a guaranteed standard of customer service and safety. The first is like becoming a member of a country club; a one-time enrollment fee of $10,000 buys a lifetime membership. You pay for actual flight hours only on any size jet, with no minimum usage required and no added fees or deposits. The second provides guaranteed access to a private jet in 25-hour increments with a pre-paid deposit for your hours of utilization. Once the jet card hours have been flown, simply replenish the deposit.

Castle Pines Village neighbor and retired global corporate executive Lew Kling recently joined Centennial-based Jet Linx. Kling says he has been impressed with the operation, the facility, and the personal service Jet Linx provides. Kling said that they “go that extra mile,” and he is eager to take his first flight with Jet Linx. An experienced corporate fractional flyer himself, Kling said the fact that the planes and pilots are local and familiar really appealed to him.

Jet Linx Denver CEO Jeff Puckett stands by these words: “We are a national company with bases in nine states, but we localize every aspect of our business so we can focus on providing each and every client with the very best customer service experience.” Puckett is a veteran of the oil and gas industry, as well as an award winning competitive aerobatic pilot and accomplished helicopter pilot.

According to Jon Maxfield, Jet Linx Denver vice president of sales and operations, Jet Linx rates among the top four percent in the industry in flight safety, and the Denver fleet is seven years young. Maxfield noted that commercial airlines service but 500 airports, and Jet Linx flies to 5,000 airports, delivering passengers closer and faster to final and often times more remote destinations. Jet Linx flies anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. It also provides service to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America.

So, why might Castle Pines Connection readers be interested? For the corporate executive, it is convenient, affordable, and efficient travel – certifiable luxury close to home! For the comfortably retired, it meets a desire to treat one’s self now, as later years may make for fewer opportunities. Some have an aggressive bucket list, and getting there in style is reason enough. Sharing one’s good fortune or spending some net worth while still around to enjoy it with grandchildren works too. Of course, some need no excuse. It’s all about first class and pampering.

To learn more about Jet Linx acquisition and sales, aircraft management, or Jet Card services, call Jon Maxfield at 303-762-1033 or visit

Customer service is a top priority at Jet Linx. Clients schedule flights with a familiar client service representative, embark from a private terminal, and fly on local planes with local pilots they know and trust.

This twin-engine midsize jet seats up to eight passengers
and is just one of the eight Denver Jet Linx fleet.



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