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Mothers and sons get a kick out of kickball

The volunteer team for Timber Trail Elementary’s Mother-Son Kickball
Tournament takes a minute to clown around with a special guest from one
of the event’s sponsors, Chick fil-A.

Brothers Callum (left) and Liam (right) Cook take a time out just before their first game of the tournament.

Article and photos by Lisa Crockett

For the fifth year in a row, mother-son kickball teams from Timber Trail Elementary School faced off at Coyote Ridge Park in what has become a beloved school tradition. The event, which puts mothers and sons on teams against other mothers and sons, was originally organized in response to a father-daughter activity – a dance – that the school hosts each year.

“The kickball tourney is a great activity for our families because it provides a different avenue of togetherness for mothers and sons that would not normally occur in our daily lives,” said the event’s organizer, Jenny Hanna.

Hanna has been involved with the activity since its inception five years ago, but since her son, Jack, is a fifth grader this year and will head to middle school next year, she will soon hand the baton to a new crop of volunteers. Hanna said she has cherished her time as the driving force of this school tradition.

“Being involved and volunteering is what I love to do,” said Hanna. “When you find an event that you connect with, it is easy to remain committed long term.”

The event began, as it always does, with the National Anthem, this year sung by nine-year-old Kelsey Buffington. Then, regular tournament play began while participants enjoyed music, food, and fun. More than 260 players on 16 teams participated. Sponsors of the event included Brandon Linn Orthodontics, Castle Pines Urgent Care, Bluebell Ice Cream, Chick fil-A, and Denver DJ Daddy.

A Timber Trail kicker makes his way to first base.



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