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Much needed parking lot improvements move things along at Rocky Heights

RHMS Security Officer Gary Ewing is very pleased with the parking lot improvements. He spends each morning and afternoon ensuring the safety of the students as they make their way to and from the school.

Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) has struggled with parking lot issues during drop off and pick up for years, but it looks like the problems may be over! During the years, the student body size has increased, adding more cars to an already crowded lot, and merging lanes causing backup, resulting in an excess of tardy students.

The RHMS administration, worked extensively with the Douglas County School District’s Risk Management department to come up with a solution that seems to be working. The parking lot entrance has been modified to accommodate two unending lanes of traffic to flow into the lot. Two drop off points are now available, with both feeding into one single crosswalk.

The feedback from parents has been very positive. As one parent remarked, “It’s so great that the school made these improvements. It has really cut down on the amount of backup on Monarch, and drop off is a lot less stressful in the morning!”



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