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Munro named head baseball coach at Rock Canyon

RCHS Head Baseball Coach Tyler Munro poses in his math classroom in front of many baseball photos from when he coached 2008-2010.

Article and photo by Lisa Nicklanovich

Tyler Munro was named head baseball coach for Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) for the second time in his coaching career. Munro was the varsity head baseball coach from 2008-2010 when he took the team from a 3-15 record the first year, to the sweet sixteen the second year, then third in the state his third year.

He decided to not return in 2011 so he could spend more time with his wife Christi and their young children. Multiple difficult pregnancies, losing a child and then having a baby in 2011 with special needs made family time the top priority. Now, Munro is excited to return. “I’ve coached for sixteen years. It’s in my blood and who I am. I became a teacher because I loved coaching. In the beginning, I was a fiery red-headed coach, but now that I have my own kids (son, 9, and daughters, 4 and 2), I have a different life perspective.”

Munro coached swimming in Florida, girls softball in Boulder and baseball at Regis and Heritage high schools. In Florida, Munro spent summers coaching baseball players preparing for the college and pro level. He has taught math at Rock Canyon High School for eight years and is the link crew coordinator (assisting incoming freshmen with the transition to high school.) Munro said, “I had ten link crew leaders who were baseball players and have many of the guys in my pre-calculus and calculus classes. I’m getting to know them as people before seeing them on the field and I like what I’m seeing.”

Getting to know the whole person, not just the baseball player is central to Munro’s coaching philosophy. “There’s so much more going on psychologically than just the game. Confidence, perseverance, unselfishness, team building, and all the emotions around baseball are all important.”

Conditioning will start November 4 and the baseball season will start March 1 with fifteen seniors expected to return to the field. 



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