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New head coach for Rock Canyon wrestling: Reid Heller

The new RCHS wrestling coach, Reid Heller, who was a wrestler in high school and in college, and also has been a coach for more than 10 years.

Article and photo by Jack Hibbett, RCHS intern writer

Earlier in the year, Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) officially invited its wrestlers to an open mat where they all met their new head coach, a “goofy and funny guy” who the kids started relating to right away. Their new coach, Reid Heller, was excited to meet his wrestlers and poised to lead RCHS to another successful wrestling season.

Heller is a perfect coach for the job because he relates to these kids, while providing them with outside knowledge on the ins and outs of the sport. As junior wrestler and Castle Pines resident Isaac Abramovitz stated, “Coach Heller is a unique wrestling coach because he has been in the exact situation we are now going through, being a high school wrestler, and understands how to make us better wrestlers.”

Heller has already made a lasting impact with all of his wrestlers and has an extensive history with the sport that deserves respect from his wrestlers and his peers. When he was in high school, Heller placed third in the state wrestling championship in Odessa, Missouri and even went on to wrestle for Northwest Missouri State University, a top Division II college. Heller is not only a great wrestler, but a proven coach as he has been coaching for more than 10 years with wrestlers of all different ages and skill levels.

Heller is more than just a coach for these young wrestlers, and he prides himself in serving as a mentor for these young adults. Heller said that above everything else, “I want them to understand that life is a constant grind of ups and downs, and that you have to keep your head up and press forward.” Heller is known for treating his wrestlers like adults and helping them learn important skills that they will need in the real world, such as accountability and responsibility for their actions. Abramovitz remarked, “He makes sure that we are keeping our grades tight and expects nothing but the best from us, pushing us to new heights in the wrestling room and the classroom.”

No one could have imagined a better guy to take over the RCHS wrestling program than Heller and he has already become a fan favorite among his team. Heller simply wants the best for his wrestlers and “wants the kids to enjoy their time on the mat and learn life lessons as they do it.”



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