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New Legislation Encourages Green Living

by Lisa Crockett

New legislation in Colorado seeks to promote the installation of energy-saving devices in private
residences. The purpose of the legislation, known as House Bill 1270, was to clarify and extend homeowners rights to make their homes more energy efficient and to install renewable-energy generating devices wherever safe and practical.

Energy saving devices include things like clotheslines, and solar, wind, and thermal generators. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are specifically mentioned in the bill as having power to “reasonably regulate” but not prohibit such measures.

It’s unlikely that HB 1270 will substantially change the way things are done in most Castle Pines North (CPN) communities. In general, when homeowners plan to make changes to the exterior of their home, approval by their neighborhood HOA is required, a requirement that still stands with the passage of the new bill.

Michelle Peck manages the CPN II HOA, the largest in CPN with 682 homes.

“We have reviewed this issue with legal counsel and have determined that we are not going to amend our rules,” said Peck. “However, our owners are required to submit a supplemental Design Review Committee application for the installation of energy saving devices.”

For more information on this legislation contact your neighborhood HOA or visit



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