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New Sidewalk Provides Safer Access to Sledding Hill

(photo by Jeremy Gamble)

by Terri Wiebold

It will not be long until the 560 acres of open space and the 13.5 miles of natural trails that surround Castle Pines North (CPN) will be covered with the most beautiful blanket of snow imaginable. With the snowfall comes the opportunity for fun and recreation for young and old in CPN – sledding!

From the start of the first big snowfall, the open spaces and hills in the CPN community are covered with snow and with children geared up for another season of sledding. The hill on the northeast corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard is one of the most popular sledding hills in the area.

Please be aware that dangers at this intersection do exist. Children waiting for a turn down the hill often stand on the sidewalk, just a few feet from cars speeding down Castle Pines Parkway. Drivers are encouraged to use caution when traveling near the sledding hill, especially if ice and snow are on the roadway.

Last year, the Castle Pines North Metro District installed a sidewalk on the south side of Castle Pines Parkway to allow for safer travel to and from the sledding hill.

Please make sure to use the sidewalk and cross at the traffic light at Monarch Boulevard and Castle Pines Parkway. Avoid a serious accident – please do not cross Castle Pines Parkway at Shoreham Drive. Parking is available at The Retreat Park and the sidewalk along Castle Pines Parkway makes for easy access. Be sure to have a safe sledding season.

Here are a few important safety guidelines for sledding safely this season:

Sled only in areas free of fixed objects such as trees, posts, and fences.

Make sure that all children in sledding areas are supervised by an adult.

Never go down a hill headfirst; sit facing forward and steer.

Use a sled that can steer – it is safer than flat sheets, toboggans or snow discs.

Wear warm and layered clothing to protect from injuries and the cold.

Always wear a helmet.

Know how to stop your sled or make a sharp turn by dragging your feet.

Armed with these guidelines, and the proper equipment, sledding this season should be a fun and safe experience.



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