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Noise Monitors Available from Centennial Airport

Noise monitors are now available for any homeowner who wants to record Centennial Airport noise levels at their personal residence.

Monitors can be used for a week at a time, and will be set up by a Centennial Airport staff member. While the monitor cannot decipher types of aircraft, it can record noise decibel levels and the time of day aircraft noise increases.

Information collected by noise monitors will not only supplement information already on the record, but pinpoint the areas most affected by aircraft noise. To be put on the noise monitor waiting list, call Centennial Airport at 303-790-0598.

Air traffic at Centennial includes the majority of private planes and corporate jets flying over the CPN community. Issues related to commercial passenger jets should be reported to DIA.

A new Noise Administrative Assistant, Tracey Wright, has been appointed at Centennial Airport. Tracey will be handling all noise complaints, and can be reached on the noise complaint hotline at 303-790-4709.

There has also been some movement on the “150 Study” (which, when completed, will allow a 180-day period for public input on the noise issue). Work has been completed for the study on national and local levels, but on the regional level, an updated noise level map is still required. No time estimates have been given as to when this will be completed.

CPN residents are urged to continue to report any issues related to aircraft noise or extremely low-flying planes. Aircraft noise from Centennial Airport is still an issue throughout the South Metro area. The Federal Aviation Administration, (FAA), is tracking the complaints received from various parts Douglas County, and may make changes to flight patterns to accommodate noise concerns.

For more information on this issue, please call CPN Master Association Board Member Maureen Shul at 720-733-0491, or e-mail Shul at

For more information about Centennial Airport, visit their web site at:



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