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Once upon a time at Timber Trail

Hayden Baker and McKenna Monkelien perform their rendition of “Rapunzel.”

Article and photo by Lisa Crockett

First graders at Timber Trail Elementary enjoyed a moment in the spotlight as they re-interpreted classic fairy tales. After crafting scripts, costumes, and scenery, the students performed for kindergartners at the school.

“This project was all about the kids learning to be fluent readers,” said first grade teacher Julie Schade. “They have really loved it, and it’s teaching them all about things like using expression, observing punctuation, and using facial expressions when they read aloud.”

The fairy tale project was part of Timber Trail’s project-based learning approach to teaching, which encourages students to solve problems using creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

“We’ve worked hard to implement project-based lessons for the kids,” said Schade. “It’s been really wonderful to see them love this and be so excited to do it.”

That excitement is evident as the kids paint, create and rehearse.



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