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Overcoming adversity and embracing happiness

Lisza Gulyas and Glenn Pinto enjoyed a riverboat cruise on the Main River in Germany in the summer of 2018. The couple visited Prague before a family reunion in Hungary. Lisza is a first generation Hungarian/American.

By Nancy Koontz; photos courtesy of Lisza Gulyas

Lisza Gulyas has been my friend for many years. I was thrilled when Lisza, along with fiancée Dr. Glenn Pinto moved to The Village at Castle Pines a couple of years ago.

Lisza has one son, Elliott (29), who has been her motivation to keep improving and pushing herself to great heights through the years. Lisza raised Elliott for most of his life as a single mother. Early on, with some of life’s most difficult challenges, she found herself dealing with a domestic violence situation. She and her toddler son were homeless, sleeping in their car during the holidays, which was not a life she ever imagined. She lost everything, including her faith.

Then everything turned around. Elliott, not yet 4 years old, asked Santa Claus for a home. Determined not to disappoint her son, Lisza created a new career path and faced their homelessness with dignity and courage. She started to work her way up in the cable television and entertainment industry, being mentored by the likes of Bill Daniels and cable mogul Ted Turner, who offered her some great advice on taking risks.

Ultimately, Lisza started her own production company, and for nearly 20 years she produced large events nationally in the cable field. In 2008, Lisza was chosen as one of Excelsior Youth Center’s “Triumphant Woman” recipients for overcoming challenges to achieve greatness. A woman with impressive business acumen, Lisza is currently working with her son as a land investment specialist for Velur Investments.

Lisza is also an accomplished ballroom dance instructor. She started the International Dance Foundation in Denver, whose mission is to share the benefits of dance through promoting self-confidence, better health, happiness, social grace, inspiration and amazing memories to three specific groups – underprivileged youth, special needs students (particularly Down syndrome) and senior citizens. She is also writing a memoir (a Christmas story) of her life with her son in hopes of publishing it sometime in 2019.

Lisza says that she has regained her faith and is now living the life she has always wanted with Glenn, who is a chiropractor with his own practice in Greenwood Village.

Lisza and Glenn met in 2014 after she won a silent auction item at a charity event for chiropractic health care. She discontinued her visits because, according to her, Glenn was “too attractive to be her chiropractor.” Lisza didn’t see him again until 2016, when he walked in the door at a networking event Lisza was hosting. Although no official wedding date had been announced as of press time, the couple shared, “We’ll probably elope soon, perhaps a beach wedding or cycling trip in Italy with just the two of us. Then, we will announce it and celebrate with family and friends … that’s the dream.”

Cycling is something the couple enjoys together. This photo is taken at the top of Carter Lake, just outside of Boulder.

Originally believing he wanted to become a dentist like his father, Glenn went in another direction and fondly recalls his days as a ski bum before becoming a chiropractor.

Father to Colton (27) who lives in Loveland and Jenna (25) who lives in Montana, Glenn said his family grew up with a great appreciation for the outdoors. A healthy and active lifestyle is important to them and they ski, bike and hike together as often as they can.

Lisza and Glenn’s future goals for staying active include becoming fully engaged in their Village at Castle Pines community – both socially and with the game of golf. They plan to adjust their work schedules to spend more time at home and check off some of the travel places on their bucket lists. They both agreed, “We believe we found the best neighborhood in Colorado, and better yet, we hit the great neighbors’ lotto too!”

A great way to spend the holidays, Glenn and Lisza enjoyed the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii.



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