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Paint recycling at TTE

TTE students were excited to help promote the school’s September recycling event.

Residents, large and small, contributed to making the recycling event a success.

Article and photos submitted by Timber Trail Elementary

Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) parent Eric Bowman, of Bowman Financial Services, organized a paint recycling event on September 17, which was held in the TTE parking lot.

Parent and student volunteers helped unload gallons and gallons of unwanted household paint, which was collected by GreenSheen Paint based in Englewood.  GreenSheen Paint mixes the paint and resells it at a discounted price.

The recycling event service was provided to residents free of charge but monetary donations for the school were gratefully accepted!  Lines of cars waited to unload their unwanted paint.  More than $1,600 was collected, and this money will go toward items for TTE’s latest project, a Maker Space, which is a hands-on learning environment.

Residents are hopeful that it will become an annual event, and until that time paint can be brought to GreenSheen Paint’s recycling facility in Englewood (

Lines of cars patiently waited to unload unwanted paint.



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