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Pinnacle building’s new flag pole and signage

By Elizabeth Wood West

If you drive along Castle Pines Parkway on a regular basis, you have probably seen the western side of the Pinnacle Building dozens of times. However, unless you have had occasion to visit a tenant or the City of Castle Pines city offices, you probably wouldn’t connect the name to the building or know of its location if asked.

The Pinnacle Building is the attractive two-story commercial building located at 7501 Village Square Drive in Castle Pines. It is adjacent to the First Citizens Bank building, which is on the corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Village Square Drive.

CPN Investments, owners of the Pinnacle Building, recently came up with the clever solution to provide easy recognition for its tenants’ visitors. It constructed a new thirty-five foot tall flag pole with an accompanying seven-and-a-half foot tall stone monument with listings for city offices and other tenants. The flag pole flies both the American and Colorado flags, and will be illuminated at night.

City officials are pleased with the new flagpole/sign monument, especially with Election Day right around the corner. New City Manager Ted Soltis explained, “In an effort to better assist the residents and business community in finding the City of Castle Pines’ offices, the property owner, CPN Investments, has explored several options to increase visibility of the Pinnacle Building.

City offices, located in Suite 100 of the Pinnacle Building, include all municipal service operations and offer services ranging from an election ballot drop-off location to building permit issuance and general customer service.

A key concept in helping to better identify the building was to provide a flag, which serves as a civic landmark,” said Soltis. The next time you drive on Castle Pines Parkway, see if you can spot this new addition to the Castle Pines community.

The Pinnacle Building and new flag pole/sign monument is located at 7501 Village Square Drive in Castle Pines.



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