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PlantTalk Colorado: The Key to a Healthier Garden

by Elean Gersack

In Colorado, gardens can sometimes be hard to maintain with warm summer days, cool summer nights and plenty of dryness. Fortunately, there is a local resource available to help even the most novice gardener create a wonderfully landscaped yard.

PlantTalk Colorado is a web based resource which provides answers to commonly asked questions about annuals, perennials, lawns, trees and shrubs. It also offers xeriscape suggestions, design ideas, water conservation information, and more.

With Colorado’s excessive dryness, xeriscaping is a wonderful way to beautify gardens while also conserving water. With less than 15 inches of water each year, most Colorado gardens require supplemental watering, according to PlantTalk Colorado. By using mulch, low-water plants and grasses, as well as creating paths and patios in lieu of turf, water requirements can be significantly decreased.

To learn more about gardening ideas and suggestions specific to the Colorado climate, visit PlantTalk at This free service is a joint effort between Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Green Industries of Colorado.



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