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Regional water partnership celebrates project groundbreaking

Partners in the Northwest Douglas County Water Project celebrate the project groundbreaking. (L to R) Roger Partridge, Douglas County Commissioner; Barbara Biggs, Chair, Colorado Water Conservation Board, Metro Roundtable; Jill Repella, Douglas County Commissioner; David Weaver, Douglas County Commissioner; Lisa Darling, Aurora Water; and Larry Moore, General Manager, Roxborough Water and Sanitation District.

Article and photo provided by Douglas County

Recognizing that collaborative approaches and shared infrastructure are the keys for solving their water gap, community leadership in the Roxborough area are celebrating the outcome of a regional water partnership that will result in renewable water for existing homes and businesses in rural, northwest Douglas County by early spring 2017.

Partners in the Northwest Douglas County Water Project include Douglas County, Aurora Water, Centennial Water and Sanitation District, Roxborough Water and Sanitation District, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, as well as leadership from the communities of Plum Valley Heights, Chatfield Estates/Acres, Chatfield East, and the Titan Road Industrial Park.

“One of the primary ways to solve the water gap in the Metro area is to collaborate and share infrastructure,” said Barbara Biggs, Chair of the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Metro Roundtable, which represents the diverse needs and water uses of more than 2.6 million residents, about half the state’s population. “Through the roundtable process we learned to trust and understand one another and each other’s water challenges,” she continued.

Douglas County’s role was in the 2013 creation of its Water Alternatives Program, which was designed to encourage groundwater-reliant communities to survey residents, assess their interest and potential level of commitment in the pursuit of connections with neighboring communities. The County also took the lead in securing Aurora Water as a partner.

“This partnership exemplifies the regional solutions called for not only in the state’s water plan, but also in the South Metro Water Supply Authority’s plan,” said County Commissioner Jill Repella.

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