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Reindeer shenanigans

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photo courtesy of the Johnson family

When a Castle Pines family on Turweston Lane moved away, little did they know that the Christmas decoration they left behind would be passed on from neighbor to neighbor, showing up in unlikely places!  

A light-up reindeer, missing a leg, was originally left in the yard of the Cooke family in August of 2013.  Every Christmas since then, the reindeer has shown up in a different neighbor’s yard, lit up and secured by padlock in an unusual spot.  One year, it was secured to the top of a basketball hoop, and this year it has reached new heights.  

The Johnson family has lived on Turweston Lane for eight months, and they recently learned about this fun Christmas tradition by finding the reindeer up high in a tree in their yard!  Where will the reindeer land next? 



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