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Report Traffic Problems

Information provided by the DCSO

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) has a Traffic Safety Hotline 303-660-7539 where citizens can leave a recorded message on specific traffic concerns. Citizens utilizing the traffic hotline will not only help the traffic division effectively deal with traffic complaints in a timely manner, it will also allow them to analyze the statistics to target high complaint areas which can then be worked on a regular basis.

However, in order to keep this system of traffic reporting streamlined and efficient there are a few things that citizens can do to help the process. When calling the hotline citizens should: leave a detailed description of the traffic problem; provide information about the exact location where the traffic problem occurred; include information about the time of day the traffic problem occurred; leave a name and a contact phone number – this is important.

Traffic officers are assigned traffic complaints that come in on the hotline. The officer begins the problem-solving process by calling the citizen who complained to confirm the problem and also to inform the citizen that enforcement at the location will occur on two separate occasions. The officer notes the time of the enforcements and if any citations were issued.

The phone line also has an option for residents to call regarding aggressive drivers. For more information about the DCSO, visit



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