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Resident Recycler

by Lisa Crockett

Castle Pines North (CPN) resident Karen Schlidt is passionate about recycling. Every day, she looks for ways to reduce her garbage waste.

“The more aware I am about this issue, the more I look for ways I can recycle everything I use,” she said.

Something of a phenomenon in her HOA2 neighborhood, Schlidt is not shy about inviting her neighbors to put less in their garbage cans and more in their recycling bins. What if someone does not have recycling bins?

“No problem,” says Schlidt. “I get bins for them and invite them to put them to use. I’ve never had anyone tell me no.”

Certain items – electronics, for instance, require special handling to be recycled and must be delivered to an appropriate facility. Schlidt will often invite neighbors to load her car to save them the trip.

Schlidt has also taken her message to local businesses to encourage them to jump on the recycling bandwagon.

“I’ve talked to a few local businesses and am planning to do more,” said Schlidt. “Bars, for instance, are a natural for recycling because they use so many glass containers. Many don’t recycle, though. I want to change that.”

Until recently, Schlidt has worked as an auditor. Now she is staying home full time to spend more time with her family and is looking forward to devoting more of her energy to recycling.

“Many people don’t know where to go to do their recycling. One day I just woke up and decided that I needed to do something about it, to help people and make them more aware. We need to do it before the landfills are full.

Two of Schlidt’s favorite recycling websites are (electronic, cardboard computer recycling) and (household chemicals, car oil, paint).

Recycling in CPN varies by neighborhood. If you are interested in participating in a recycling program, contact your trash service provider for details.

If recycling is not available in your neighborhood, aluminum cans can be recycled at the King Soopers guest services counter. Recycling is also available at the South Metro fire station on Castle Pines Parkway. The white Waste Management container near the fire station entrance is available for paper, cardboard, aluminum, food- and beverage-grade glass, steel and tin recycling as well as empty aerosol cans.



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