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Residents Continue to Report Mountain Lion Sightings in CPN

The Cesarone family took this photo of a mountain lion near Daniel’s Park in June. Numerous sightings of mountain lions and bobcats prompted the Master Association to begin tracking reported sightings and sharing information with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. An educational wildlife seminar was held July 18 to provide helpful information about living among wildlife in CPN.

By Lane Roberts

During June and July, residents continued to report numerous sightings of mountain lions throughout Castle Pines North (CPN). Witnesses have reported spotting mountain lions in Stonecroft, Greenbriar, Hidden Pointe, Glen Oaks, and near Daniel’s Park. Most sightings have been in the evening, but some have been in the early morning hours.

Stonecroft resident Jami Johnson sent an e-mail to the Master Association, sharing her encounter with a mountain lion.

“I witnessed a mountain lion in my front yard,” wrote Johnson. “I just froze my ground and did not flee and it walked away. It was rather frightening.” Johnson said she was concerned for small children playing in the neighborhood.

Black Bear Visits HOA1

The O’Connor family on Clare Court also witnessed a black bear on their deck in July. Around 8 p.m., the bear jumped the fence and explored the deck, but fortunately the family was not outside and the bear left peacefully after the family dog began barking.

Report Sightings of Lions and Bears

The CPN Master Association is working closely with the Colorado Division of Wildlife to communicate all reported sightings of mountain lions, bobcats, and bears for possible relocation. Residents should report all sightings to the Master Association at, or call 303-482-3078.

Residents are also urged to call the Colorado Division of Wildlife at 303-291-7227 or after normal business hours, call the Colorado State Patrol at 303-239-4501.



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