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The Connection Gets a Makeover

By Terri Wiebold

Readers of The Connection may have noticed some subtle changes in the past several issues with the way the newsletter has been published. The Master Association Board of Directors’ vision of this publication is for it to be a community newsletter. With that in mind, coverage of area news has been limited more to Castle Pines North (CPN) issues and less emphasis has been placed on news that can be read in other larger publications.

A community with over 3,200 homes and some thirty individual Homeowner’s Associations, CPN has a lot of character and some very interesting stories to tell. Residents, businesses, families, neighbors, playgroups, schools, sports teams, Homeowner’s Associations, and anyone with an interesting story to share are all encouraged to submit information for publication in this community newsletter. If there is something of interest to an individual homeowner, there is a good chance that others in the community would like to hear about it as well.

Space is sometimes limited, but every effort will be made to accommodate any stories, pictures and information submitted to or



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