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Restoring Hope

Zach Spector’s laid back style and personality serve him well as student pastor at The Rock Church.

Article by Steve Whitlock; photos courtesy of Zach Spector

Zach Spector’s path to full-time church work wouldn’t have been predicted by his family or friends – or even himself. After excelling at sports at Rock Canyon High School, Spector suffered an injury that would change the trajectory of his life. Today he serves at The Rock Church in Castle Rock where he oversees the youth program of more than 80 students.

Reflecting on his journey, Spector stated, “What is so surprising through it all is that God can take anything and anybody, and put them back together to be used for good. I made many bad decisions in my high school years, but to see it all get redeemed in a positive way was the most impactful part of my story.”

When asked about his current role as student pastor at The Rock Church he responded, “I am responsible for leading and overseeing the 6th through 12th graders at The Rock Church. I help them solidify their foundation in their most formative years through preaching and mentoring. We also hold an annual summer conference for students that I have the privilege of providing direction and leadership for. While these teenage years can be filled with difficulty, we aim to develop students to rise above their circumstances and be champions in life.”

Spector’s encouragement comes through in his warmth and his words. He says, “I’ve hiked a few of Colorado’s beautiful 14ers. As painful as the process of getting to the summit was, once we reached our destination, the joy came from remembering the climb. Too often we are so focused on reaching the end goal that we miss the joy of the journey… you don’t have to have every detail figured out right now. Often times we put so much pressure on ourselves to ‘have it all figured out.’ The joy of the journey is found in the day-to-day decisions that we make that lead us to our destination.”

Zach Spector inspired students at Lutheran High School in Parker.

Looking forward he mused, “I am hoping for more opportunities to bring people life, love, and encouragement through uplifting communication. I’ve had the privilege of speaking in India, Haiti and Belize, as well as in Texas, Colorado, Los Angeles and Chicago. I am also in the process of writing my first book, with the hopes of helping people figure out how to take their next step in life when all feels lost. Ultimately, I want to see people live a life full of purpose and passion. I want people to know that they belong and are on this earth for a reason; because together, we can make the world a brighter place.”

After spending time with him, it is clear, Spector lifts people’s eyes above their circumstances by exhibiting an uncommon hope. In a time and location where many students are asking real questions about real life, he’s a much needed voice of encouragement.



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