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RHMS students performed a timeless musical

Castle Pines resident Kelsey Buffington as Adelaide in the RHMS spring production of “Guys and Dolls.”  The high-energy musical brought down the house in early May.

Contributed by RHMS student Allison Willner; photo courtesy of Izzy Holsman

On the evenings of May 3 through May 5, Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) was taken back into the 1940s with the musical “Guys and Dolls.”  The upbeat show told the tale of love through song, dance, acting and comedy.  The musical featured colorful costumes, upbeat music, phenomenal acting skills, amazing dancing, and beautiful singing.

While the actors were amazing, a production takes many hands backstage to make it all come together.  The technical crew, costume designers, set painters, backstage crew and directors contributed to the high-energy performance.  “Guys and Dolls” was brought to the stage with the dedicated efforts of stage director Susan Ritter Forsyth, Julie Lachance as the technical director, and musical director Deanna Kraft.  In the 10 weeks it took to prepare the musical, cast and crew came together with the same goal.

“I love the process of putting the play together and seeing the kids become the characters,” said Forsyth.  “I love the ‘ah ha’ moments when the students put their characters together.  I love that we become a family.”

After weeks of practice, the group was finally ready to perform, and opening night did not disappoint.  “I love opening night because of the energy, focus and the comradery that brings the cast together,” Forsyth said.  Backstage was a blur as people put on costumes, stage makeup and practice.  Kinley Hartz, a Castle Pines resident who was a member of the “Guys and Dolls” mission band said, “Opening night is really nerve-wracking, but there is also giddy excitement.  It’s so fun!”

Castle Pines resident Kelsey Buffington portrayed Adelaide and said, “I made many connections, especially with eighth graders.  Everyone is so amazing in the cast!”  The tight bond that the actors had with each other and the directors showed on stage.  The audience felt the connection the actors had, which made the show that much more special.

Each performance of “Guys and Dolls” was better than the last.  Overall, the show was a smashing success, and it was a great time for the directors, actors and the audience alike.



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