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Ridgeline In Review

Top 10 restaurants in Douglas County


Article and graphic by Bryce, Ridgeline Staff Reporter

Number 10: Foul Line
Its’ best entrée is the Old Fashioned Burger. Inside, it has pickles, onions, iceberg lettuce, and pepper jack cheese, all piled on a hamburger patty.

Number 9: Red Robin
It has some of the best wings in the county.

Number 8: California Pizza Kitchen
They’re famous for their pepperoni and cheese pizzas.

Number 7: Chipolte
It’s best known for huge burritos and chips.

Number 6: Union
Their mussels are simply delicious and wonderful.

Number 5: The Castle Café
They have some of the best fried chicken in the county.

Number 4: Uniscali
It’s a great place if you like Italian food or The Chipino – a bowl filled to the brim with all kinds of seafood goodies.

Number 3: La Dolce Vita
They have a fantastic dish – the Clam Linguine.

Number 2: Yolanda’s Tacos
They have incredible salsa and tacos.

Number 1: Crave
It’s a favorite because they put anything on their burgers, including glazed donuts.



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