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Rock Canyon celebrates exceptional students

On April 26, RCHS honored outstanding underclassmen with Jag Awards.  Jag Awards are given to honor students that demonstrate excellence in character and academics.  

By Amanda Merriman; photo courtesy of Rock Canyon High School

Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) recently honored underclassmen with Jag awards, many of whom reside in the Castle Pines area.  During the 2011/12 school year, RCHS principal Andy Abner created the Jag awards.  Abner established the awards as a way to celebrate underclassmen students in front of their peers and to encourage students to embrace the culture of excellence that exists at RCHS.  

Each month at RCHS, staff members from every department nominate students for the Jag of the Month award.  The nominees embody academic excellence, incredible character, and are role models for other students.   After the nominees have been selected, the staff votes for winners of the monthly award.  Of these exemplary students, two from each grade level are voted as Jags of the Year by RCHS staff.  Melissa Anderson, dean of instruction at RCHS noted that over the past eight months, 48 underclassmen have been honored with Jag awards.  

Listed here are students from the 80108 area who were awarded Jag Awards on April 26:

Isaac Abramovitz, 9th grade outstanding mathematics student; Courtney Cunningham, 9th grade outstanding performing arts student; Megan McDonald, 9th grade outstanding physical education student; Christopher Theodore, 10th grade outstanding technology student; Alexia Torres, 10th grade outstanding counseling department student; Sophie Klokinis, 10th grade outstanding performing arts student; Casey Shuster, 10th grade outstanding physical education student; Marshall Thomas, 10th grade outstanding science student; Abigail Antinoro, 10th grade outstanding world language student; Katie Suhanyi, 11th grade outstanding business student; Martina Gilbert, 11th grade outstanding technology student; Matthew Givin, 11th grade outstanding counseling department student; Kayla Inman, 11th grade outstanding visual arts student; and Jack Dreyfuss, 11th grade Jag of the Year award.

A sincere congratulations goes out to all the recipients of the Jag awards.  It is wonderful to know that so many of these exceptional students live in the Castle Pines area.



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