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Rocky Heights students lift teachers’ spirits

In an effort to spread happiness and positivity, RHMS students Braden McCollam (left), Alivia Ball (center) and Raegan Synk (right) composed and sent weekly inspirational emails to teachers and staff to brighten their days.

By RHMS student Zoe Bair; photo courtesy of Kayla Mash

Every Friday, Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) students Braden McCollam, Alivia Ball and Raegan Synk send out an inspirational quote and uplifting message to all RHMS teachers.  What started as an idea to send out quotes to a few teachers early in the year grew to all teachers in December when the students thought that on some days, all teachers could use a boost.

“Originally, it was Braden’s idea,” said Castle Pines resident Ball.  “He told me about it and then Raegan.  We thought it would be a positive influence, and it would make the teachers happy.”

The trio started delivering printed out quotes secretly to the teachers before or after lunch when no one was in the classroom, explained Ball.  The group then decided to deliver the Friday message via email to all RHMS staff with the help of sixth-grade counselor Kate Egan, who sends out the message after the group writes it.

RHMS staff love receiving the students’ emails.  “When I saw who the students were that were behind the quotes, I wasn’t surprised,” said Judi Holst, a literacy specialist and speech teacher.  “The quotes inspire me to be a better teacher for the students.  
I especially like the write-up they do to go along with the quote and how it relates to staff and students.”

“At the end of the week, everyone seems to be exhausted.  The quotes remind me of what is important during my day… the kids,” Holst continued.

So, what are the kids’ plans for the future?  McCollam, Ball and Synk would like to continue their inspirational emails, and perhaps expand their reach next year.  “Doing a simple thing of kindness can really make a person’s day,” remarked Synk.

The students all agree the best lesson they have learned is to be positive.  “Always stay happy,” Ball concluded.  “There is something good about everything.”



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