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Santa Gertrudis Calf Day at Cherokee Ranch & Castle

The three goats, Larry, Curly and Moe, entertained the children attending the event along with the other educational activities on site.

Article and photos by Nancy Koontz

On Saturday, June 3, the Cherokee Ranch & Castle held a special event for a limited number of visitors to see the 100 new Santa Gertrudis calves born recently.

Visitors were able to pet the new calves, take pictures, enjoy a hayride, see other “critters” at the Ranch like goats and horses, and take part in other fun and educational games and activities. Famous founder of Cherokee Ranch & Castle, Tweet Kimball, established the first purebred herd of the stunning Santa Gertrudis cattle to be raised in a cold climate like Colorado. She knew because of their hearty bloodline they would be able to withstand the cold – although many disagreed with Kimball. The breed survived beautifully at Cherokee Ranch & Castle, and they have been recognized all over the world as champions.

For more information on the Cherokee Ranch & Castle, visit or call 303-688-5555. The Cherokee Ranch is located at 5036 N U.S. Hwy 85 in Sedalia.

A mama Santa Gertrudis stays close to her curious and very frisky baby calf.



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