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SMFR Candidates Provide Responses to CPN Fire Station Question

The Connection presented all candidates running for the South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) Board of Directors with the following question. Candidates were allowed to provide an answer in 100 words or less. The responses received are provided below.

QUESTION: Now that Castle Pines North is a new city, we are very concerned about SMFR in terms of the fire station proposed for this area for several years. Our community supported the SMFR mill levy increase upon a promise of a new station that we have yet to receive. What would your approach be to the issue of the proposed fire station for Castle Pines North?

SMFR Candidate – Hank Eng

Congratulations on the new City of Castle Pines. This is a testimony to the growth we continue to see in our district. The desire to have fire rescue services in close proximity of populations centers is understandable and I believe the present board has had planning for greater coverage for your area. The recent study to merge the districts of SMFR and Parker have given everyone pause to rationalize what a combined district would look like.

SMFR Candidate – Dave Jackson

Yes, I do support construction of the proposed CPN fire station. Although the 2007 Deployment Analysis commissioned by the SMFR Board concluded that five properly located “super” stations could adequately serve the entire District, I strongly advocate having a combination of super stations and smaller community stations, which would include both the proposed new CPN station and the existing station on Castle Pines Parkway. This hybrid station model could potentially be more cost-effective, while still ensuring response times in the four-minute range, up to twice as fast as the industry eight-minute standard. This model would work even with a Parker Fire District consolidation.

SMFR Candidate – John Levi

As a new candidate to the South Metro Fire Rescue’s (SMFR) board of directors, I have not been involved in its prior decision making processes. However, as many of your readers are likely aware, SMFR has already acquired 1.5 acres of property within your new city, for the site of the proposed, SMFR station 43. As such, if elected to the board, I would pledge to monitor the project’s movement through the rezoning process, and ultimately to the construction phase, within my first term. Thank you for the opportunity to address this important issue to the citizens of the city of Castle Pines.

SMFR Candidate – Paul Rosenberg

The SMFR Board made many promises while working to pass the last bond election. My neighborhood was also promised a new fire station in the election. It also has not been built. The election increased our mill levy by 42%, a very large increase, an increase that many of us questioned seriously. Many things were promised and not delivered. Yet four new ladder trucks were bought at one time, a cost that would fund one station. One would wonder if that were the most needed priority. As a Board member, I would go back to the long range plan and ask what could be done to get projects that were promised to voters moving forward.

SMFR Candidate – Lou Schroeder

The residents of Castle Pines should have no concern whatsoever that this South Metro Fire Rescue Board Candidate is a person of integrity who insists the district fulfill valid promises we made. This former badged fireman, fully understands, appreciates and respects our collective responsibility for and the difficulty of providing the universally highest standards of response across the district. Thank you for the opportunity to address South Metro Fire Rescue constituents of Castle Pines.

SMFR Candidate – Rhonda Livingston

As of press time, SMFR candidate Rhonda Livingston had not responded.

SMFR Candidate – Laura Simon

As of press time, SMFR candidate Laura Simon had not responded.



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