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Start a New Valentine’s Day Tradition

by Lisa Nicklanovich; photo courtesy of Lin Giampietro

You may enjoy Valentine’s Day at a candlelit table for two and give or receive chocolates, roses, and a heartfelt card, but consider the month of February an opportunity to add a new tradition to this month that celebrates love. Here are a few ideas:

Everyone loves littles surprises and to feel loved. Have everyone in your family draw someone else’s name out of a hat. For the next two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, everyone does something nice every day for their “Secret Valentine” without revealing who they are. Simple ideas include making their bed, completing a chore, leaving a card or a small treat. What would the person most enjoy and appreciate? Everyone unveils his or her “Secret Valentine” on Valentine’s Day.

Do you know how the couples in your family met and fell in love? Start your own family’s book of “love stories” by recording the stories of how they first met (was it love at first sight?) and their courtship with a picture of the couple. These stories will be enjoyed for years to come.

Play a game of “Love Connection” by asking those in your family what they love most in life. Compose a list of 5-10 topics such as food, book, color, sport, song, place, and any other category that connects your family with each other. Everyone lists their favorites and then look for the connections between all family members. This is a great way to learn more about each other and it encourages supporting each other’s interests, even if they are vastly different.

Couples or a group of singles: try something new such as indoor skydiving, rock climbing, a painting class, a hike, or a spa treatment. Visit that “life list” and choose one that your significant other or group of friends are willing to do with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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