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Summer hit the highway ideas

By Maria Pangalos, RCHS intern writer

Looking for more fun things to do in Colorado this summer (and beyond)?  Here you go!

Road in the Sky –
At 14,240 feet in the sky, Mt. Evans has the highest paved road in North America.  While driving, you pass through three life zones, older than you can possibly imagine trees and lakes, and travel above the timberline.  Don’t forget to bring a jacket, because while it’s 90 degrees in Denver, it can be 40 degrees on the summit!  Visit for details.

The Great Sand Dunes –
When one hears the term “sand dunes,” one usually conjures up images of Egypt and not Southern Colorado.  However, The Great Sand Dunes, located near Alamosa, are the largest set of dunes in North America.  They rise 750 feet above their base, the San Luis Valley, and cover an area of 19,000 acres.  Not to mention they are absolutely perfect for a weekend family getaway.  To learn more, visit

Mesa Verde –
Cliff dwellings aging back to 600 AD dive deep into the history of the ancestral lives of Pueblo residents years ago.  Not only are the dwellings home to more than 5,000 archaeological sites, they are a major tourist attraction filled with an abundance of Hispanic history.  Visit to learn more.

Four Corners –
There isn’t any running water, electricity, or telephones but hey, you can be in four states at once!  If that doesn’t entice you, the Navajo Tribe resides in this area and artisans sell homemade jewelry, crafts, and traditional Navajo foods.  Culture and coolness all wrapped in one …yes please!  Visit for more information.

Tea Fit for Royalty –
Not only is the Brown Palace famous for its rich and indulgent history, food and entertainment, but its tea time, as well.  From noon to 4 p.m., the afternoon tea room is open for a relaxing conversation over tea, sandwiches, and scones all being complemented by a harpist or pianist.  To make reservations, visit



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