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Summer’s Here in Castle Pines North

By Carin Kirkegaard

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and with the extended weekend comes the beginning of summer. May 26 is the official last day of school for Douglas County, and other local schools will soon follow. With longer, warmer days ahead, Castle Pines North (CPN) children will be out playing ball, riding bikes and heading to the swimming pool.

Many of CPN’s homeowner’s associations (HOA) own and maintain local neighborhood pools for resident use. The CPN Master Association does not own or operate a pool in the community. Resident’s with questions regarding pools can refer to the respective HOA webpage. To determine which HOA is responsible for a particular pool click here, and type in the homeowner’s address.

Parents utilizing the neighborhood pools should also remember to use caution when swimming with children. Although lifeguards do provide another layer of supervision, it can also give a false sense of security. Never assume someone else is watching a child. Keep non-swimmers within arms reach. Don’t rely on flotation devices like water wings to keep small children afloat. Most importantly, while at the neighborhood pools, make sure to keep eyes and ears open at all times.

Whether it’s on a bike or a scooter, heading to the pool or the park, there will definitely be more pedestrian-like traffic throughout the neighborhood in the coming months. Motorists, please be aware and drive the streets of CPN with caution. Keep CPN a fun and safe place for the summer.



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