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Super Students Learn How to Save Lives with a Hands-on Approach

By Kira Zizzo, RHMS intern writer; photos courtesy of Camille Leach

At Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS), the seventh-grade Adventurers team learned the ins and outs of first aid and how to apply their newfound knowledge in case of an emergency. The skills the students learned are crucial in that they could save someone’s life in an emergency situation. The first aid curriculum was taught in science class with teacher Jacob Cloud, as well as in health class with Kayleen Temple. Cloud explained, “First aid is simply a life skill and something that everyone should know.” In health class, the students were taught about first aid and different types of injuries. In science class, the students learned about the body systems an organs that were affected by certain tissues.

In addition to learning about injuries and how to treat them in an emergency, the Adventurers participated in a hands-on learning experience. In science class, students created injury simulations and even made them more realistic with Hollywood-style special effects makeup. Students spent a day giving their simulated injuries a test run. It took about 30 minutes to apply makeup for the various types of injuries. A few of the injuries included heat stroke, puncture wounds, hypothermia, lacerations and bruises. This teaching approach provided the students with a better understanding of learning-through-doing in as much of a real-life situation as possible.

The teaching style involving first aid at RHMS evolved from years past into an even more enriching learning opportunity, helping students learn how to save lives from an early age. In addition, this hands-on approach helped kinetic learners absorb more information and take away more knowledge from these lessons than before. The makeup and realistic looking injuries made the experience more lifelike in the students’ eyes, and this enhanced sensory experience was more impactful and stimulating than if it were simply paper and pencil learning.



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