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The art of borrowing

By Elise Brassell; courtesy photo

As the weather gets warmer and summer begins, thoughts often turn to vacations and reading a good book by the pool, far away from work, school and the bustle of everyday life. The thought of finding a good summer read made us at The Castle Pines Connection wonder, what does our Castle Pines community tend to borrow from the library? What kind of books are along for the ride on our commutes and vacations?

According to Douglas County Libraries – Castle Pines, the most popular type of book checked out in May was adult non-fiction, which included biographies, self-help and travel books, among others. The next most popular book type was juvenile fiction, which typically included books for readers between the ages of 2 and 16. Third most popular on the list is not a book at all, it’s fiction DVDs. Picture books and adult fiction rounded-out the top five most popular book types.

Over time, our community has borrowed thousands of items from the library. The top five borrowers in aggregate have borrowed almost 63,000 items, and the top five kids who borrow have used their own library cards to check out more than 14,000 items.

The top individual borrower in our community has checked out more than 17,000 items! Now that’s someone who has borrowing down to an art. Is it, perhaps, you?



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