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The last of the first teachers at BRE retires


Pictured above: Mrs. Davis sits on her “letter rug” and is surrounded by current and former students who will miss her dearly. Mrs. Davis will retire as the last original teacher at Buffalo Ridge Elementary School after 16 years. Pictured clockwise are: Nichole, Aloe, Mrs. Davis, Mallory, Cade, Luke, and Riley.

By Nichole L., BRE Ridgeline staff reporter; photo by Elean Gersack

Have you taught more than 1,500 kindergarten or preschool students? Well, Brenda Davis has! Brenda Davis, also known as Mrs. Davis, has been at Buffalo Ridge Elementary School (BRE) since the school opened in 1997 and has been beloved by students ever since. She is the last original teacher at BRE and will retire this summer.

“The thing I will miss most about teaching is the look on a student’s face after they achieve something that used to be very hard and now they get it. The look is priceless,” said Mrs. Davis.

Former student Julia L., who still keeps in touch with Mrs. Davis, commented that she was so special because she was very encouraging – either when she was learning how to read or even now as she works to get on purple honor roll in middle school.

As a former student myself, said writer Nichole L., my favorite times with Mrs. Davis were with her special “letter” rug. We would sit on a letter during circle time as we started each day.

Christy Smith, BRE’s registrar, said that the thing she will miss most about Mrs. Davis is that she always has a smile on her face and she always makes you laugh! “After she retires, she will always be a big part of BRE as she remains in the community,” said Smith.

“To be the last original staff member out of 16 years is a huge accomplishment!” said Davis. “My plans for retiring are to do what I want, whenever I want it, to shop whenever I want, go traveling, and most importantly, babysit my grandchildren!” she added. 



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