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The paradox of planning for the unexpected Submitted by the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce

Submitted by the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce

Most of us find comfort in the fact that unexpected hardships probably won’t happen to us or our families. Those things happen to others, right? After all, what good comes from worrying about what might or could happen?

As an organization, the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce realizes that although the probability of an unexpected hardship may be small for each of us as individuals, it is almost certain to touch at least a few of the members in the organization as a whole. Further, it understands that hardships impact many members of the broader community each year. To make the scenario a little more conceivable, think about your immediate social circle: Do you not know anybody who has been impacted by any of the following hardships in the past 12 months?

Unexpected death or terminal diagnosis of a spouse
Separation or divorce
Loss of income or ability to provide financially due to unemployment or health reasons
Financial or emotional toll on a family for assuming the care of a parent

Because this will inevitably impact its membership and the community, the Chamber has put together a presentation to share a few key pieces of information that could help make all the difference for you and your family should random misfortune land at your doorstep. Its panel of presenters will include community members from its board of directors, as well as a financial expert it is bringing in from out of state. The presentation will include both financial and legal professionals and will be delivered in a manner consistent with the Chamber’s commitment to being of service to the community.

Sure, the topics are heavy, but that is not where the emphasis will be. The focus will be on the positive. The presentation will outline a few key conversation points to consider, followed by easy action steps to take, should you decide this is something you would like to address. Plus, to make sure the evening is enjoyable for all, the Chamber will provide complimentary appetizers and beer and wine to all attendees. To register for this free community event, visit



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