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The Ridge Golf Course – Not Public Open Space

by Terri Wiebold

The Ridge Golf Course is one of Colorado’s premier upscale golf courses, receiving statewide and national recognition. It sits nestled in the heart of Castle Pines North (CPN) and is an asset to the entire community. CPN residents enjoy special discounts at The Ridge all through the year, including discounts on green fees, food, and merchandise from the Pro Shop – not to mention the spectacular views and open space.

Just as The Ridge is a good neighbor to CPN residents, remember to be a good neighbor in return. Please respect that The Ridge is private property and is not open to personal recreational use. The Master Association has been asked to remind homeowners not to use the cart paths as walking, running, or biking trails, or the fairways as ball fields or dog parks. There are many open areas throughout CPN that are designated for those uses. Remember that unauthorized access to the course is considered trespassing and is a criminal offense.

According to Darrell Fuston, General Manager of the Ridge Golf Course, there have been specific instances of unsupervised children and unleashed dogs playing on the course, allowing the children and animals to play in the sprinklers on the course. “This is dirty irrigation water that is used to water the course and is certainly not suitable for children or dogs to play in,” said Fuston.

These activities may seem insignificant, but there is a safety issue for residents and a liability issue for the golf course. In addition, some minor damage to the course has occurred during this unauthorized access. Residents may be receiving official correspondence from The Ridge in regard to the regulations surrounding the golf course in the next few weeks. Please read the information carefully and respect the guidelines set forth by The Ridge. The community of CPN is fortunate to have such a premier facility as a neighbor.



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